The Eclipse MLP Tour

The latest rage in the software marketing seems to be doing road shows on buses or trucks. The Adobe AIR bus seemed to have started the trend and now the NetBean’s guys are following up with the NetBean’s mobile. There is even a good natured competition on who has the better approach.

I would like to point out that Eclipse has had an entire trucking company for a number of years. Another great example of the Eclipse ecosystem leading the way.

However, the Eclipse marketing machine is never one to fall behind so I am proud to announce the Eclipse My Little Pony (MLP) Tour. For the next couple of months, whenever I go out traveling to different Eclipse events I plan on taking one of my daughters’ little ponies. They have a significant collection, so I hope to take a different one each trip.

Like Tim, I still have not had time to get the proper logo installed on MLP but I hope to have that done this weekend. Also, if you have a favourite MLP that you would like me to bring to an event, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.

The one thing I am worried about is that people might think this tour is about Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz, aka My Little Pony, doing a roadshow about Eclipse. Before people start another set of rumours that Sun is joining Eclipse, I can state this is not true.

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  1. Are you sure Cherries Jubilee is from your daughters’ collections and not from yours? She’s a bit old school for the little girls…

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