Eclipse MLP Tour Goes To Europe

The most recent stop on the Eclipse MLP Tour was Eclipse Summit Europe in Germany. Seems like MLP Java, enjoyed Erich Gamma’s keynote and the beautiful German city-scape.

mlp-gamma22.JPG mlp-ludwigsburg2.JPG

Unlike some other tours, the Eclipse MLP Tour keeps on going, demonstrating it is built on a quality foundation with a diverse community.

Sorry I couldn’t resist. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Eclipse MLP Tour Goes To Europe

  1. I love your little pony photos. This one in particularly good! I really should bring my own mascot, Crusty, for a joint photo opportunity for one of these events. Is MLP going to OSSummit Asia?

  2. Kim,

    sigh, I have yet to immerse myself in facebook. Maybe someone could volunteer to start a facebook page?


    MLP Java will be at OS Summit Asia but the next stop is GOSCON in Portland and then Eclipse World in Reston, VA. Group photos are always welcome. 🙂

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