MLP Goes to Eclipse World

Eclipse World has wrapped up for another year. Thanks to BZ Media for putting on another excellent show. I look forward to the 2008 edition.

The Eclipse MLP Tour made a stop at Eclipse World. The main focus of the tour was in the exhibit hall.

Here is MLP Java admiring Genuitec’s new Pulse product.


Schmoozing with uber-celebrity plug-in book author and tutorial instructor, Eric Clayberg from Instantiations.


And finally, taking a crash course in Latin thanks to the guys at Oracle. [It is a long story, but the printer kind of messed up the Oracle sign.]


This is the last stop of the Eclipse MLP Tour. All good things must come to an end, so I’d like to thank my two fans who provided encouragement and support. For all those other people that kept asking me why I kept posting pictures of my children’s toys, you should really read my blog more often. 🙂

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