Introducing the Eclipse MLP

After much discussion, debate, a bit of crying and bribery (my favourite parenting technique), I have secured one MLP from my daughters’ collection for the Eclipse MLP Tour. They weren’t thrilled about me taking their entire collection on the road but have agreed to part with one. The conversation went something like the following:

Me: Can I take one of your MLP to work?

Daughter: No

Me: I will buy you a new one.

Daughter: With rainbows and sparkles?

Me: Yes

Daughter: OK, you can have this one. It is a bit old, faded, tired and the hair is also falling out.

Me: What is it’s name?

Daughter: Java

Me: Hmm, I know another MLP that might not like me calling this MLP Java.

Daughter: Why?

Me: This MLP has lots of rules on what can be named Java.

Daughter: What is her name?

Me: Jonathan

Daughter: Well Daddy, my MLP is named Java.

Knowing that I need to pick my battles, I would like to introduce Java, the MLP for the Eclipse MLP Tour. Java is all set with an Eclipse logo and ready to start the tour. The first stop on the tour is the Eclipse Marketing Symposium and Eclipse Members’ Meeting in Chicago

Lets hope I don’t run into the Java naming police. However, in order to ensure compliance I will always refer to Java as jMLP or MLP4J, not MLPJ.


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