The Coming Eclipse of Visual Studio

Some Monday mornings you just know it is going to be a great week. 🙂

This morning in my e-mail I find a Google alert with the title ‘The Coming Eclipse of Visual Studio‘. The article is based on a press release from Evans Data that indicates in Europe/EMEA Eclipse is closing in on Visual Studio as the dominant IDE. Also, equally impressive is that the usage of Eclipse RCP is expected to triple over the next 2 years.

As point out in the article, Eclipse usage is growing in popularity with Java but also C++ and PHP developers. Therefore, it was great to see this blog post from a C++ developer recommending what features Microsoft should steal from Eclipse.


One Response to The Coming Eclipse of Visual Studio

  1. […] Recently, there has been a indicators that Eclipse momentum continues to grow. Denis complaining that we continue to run out of bandwidth; Evans Data saying we are challenging Visual Studio and even the fact in October we had 800K download requests of the SDK. Given we already have dominate share in the Java IDE space, it is a bit perplexing the continued momentum? However, I think I am seeing a trend…. […]

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