Why does Eclipse Momentum Keep Going?

Recently, there has been a indicators that Eclipse momentum continues to grow. Denis complaining that we continue to run out of bandwidth; Evans Data saying we are challenging Visual Studio and even the fact in October we had 800K download requests of the SDK. Given we already have dominate share in the Java IDE space, it is a bit perplexing the continued momentum? However, I think I am seeing a trend….

I think Eclipse is starting to hit the masses in the C/C++ and PHP community. This is all very unscientific but I’ve noticed that whenever CDT is mentioned on digg.com, if gets a lot of votes. The Linux community has lots of C/C++ developers and we are making great progress with our distros projects and awards from Linux magazines. It also seems CDT is now the defacto C/C++ IDE in the embedded market and is the base C/C++ IDE for most embedded commerical solutions.  There is just a lot of interest in CDT.

Now PHP seems to be taking off. The downloads of the Eclipse PHP IDE project is amongst the most popular, and this is even before a 1.0 release. This blog post also indicates PHP developers quickly fall in love with Eclipse. Is Eclipse reaching into a new community of developers?

Maybe, it is something else….

2 thoughts on “Why does Eclipse Momentum Keep Going?

  1. Don’t forget Ruby Development Tools and RadRails, the alternative on Linux or Windows for Textmate, the ultimate Ruby/Rails editor.

  2. Xandr,

    You are absolutely right about DT and RadRails. They are great for Eclipse.

    I am sure I have missed many other projects too. Feel free to add them as a comment.


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