Cool RCP Stuff

In the past two days, I’ve come across two new interesting RCP applications.

Collaber is a collaboration framework that is built on RCP.   One point of interest is that is seems to be developed in Hyderabad, India.  It really seems like the Eclipse community is growing strong in India.

 Wazaabi looks very cool.  They seem to have combined RCP and XUL.  I haven’t taken a close look but their success stories look great.

This is the great thing about the Eclipse community.  News things are popping up everyday, everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Cool RCP Stuff

  1. Hi,

    Yes wazaabi looks cool but only looks ! I ever work with wazaabi and also with its main creator, and I I dont think that wazaabi is so cool : the developer’s work is really more complex. And if you have to build pretty screen , I wish you good luck with XUL …

  2. Hi badniouz,

    We spent some days to evaluate wazaabi and our first opinion is that we won time to develop our GUIs.
    For you, Xul is not able to produce nice screens, what do you think about the website screenshots and other mozilla/firefox/thunderbird apps ?
    Our development team knows very well Eclipse RCP and we plan to use wazaabi for our next devs.

  3. I can’t understand u badniouz.
    Wazaabi has just released it’s first version few hours before you post your comment. So i f you used it on a project, no doubt you used a very early version wich might be buggy or not very well documented.

    To my opinion, the sceen copy on wazaabi website are very beautiful. So i guess we can make pretty screen with this technology…

    We are using Wazaabi on a project right now and i think there is a lot of good ideas in it althought we are missing tools to impove our productivity. I guess this will come in the next future…

  4. It’s unfortunate that the good folks at Collaber don’t use the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) project technology.

  5. We didn’t use ECF because we are unable to figure out what advantages it brings to a Collaborative application like Collaber. Our goal is to make a 100% Microsoft Groove Replacement.

    Its fact that we have not spent enough time on ECF. We will be looking at integrating ECF once we release next release.

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