Eclipse Birthday Card Winners

We have the winners!   As part of our birthday celebrations, we are giving away Eclipse sweaters to 20 individuals who signed our birthday card.   We had over 2400 people sign the card, so the 20 randomly selected individuals are……

  • Karol Kleibl
  • Arockia Samy
  • Dominik Najder
  • Neo Wang
  • Krystian Kowalski
  • Paulo Merson
  • Jordan Beseiso
  • Ram Gole
  • Amr Ali
  • Guy Lubovitch
  • Matej Usaj
  • Li Weibo
  • Cedric Beust
  • Alexander Haselsberger
  • David Cole
  • Rafael Rodriguez
  • Dan Becker
  • Cher Piau
  • Deon Moolman

Congratulations to everyone; your sweater is on its way.

btw, for those quick readers, you will notice there are only 19 names.   The 20th person has yet to confirm their address, etc.   We will keep drawing names until we find someone that answers our e-mail.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Eclipse Birthday Card Winners

  1. Ian, you must have my e-mail address wrong, because I haven’t received the e-mail you’re undoubtedly trying to send me about the sweater 🙂


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