Learning about M2M

Machine-2-Machine (M2M) or the Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology area and industry that is growing very quickly, has a lot of great potential but I am not sure is understood very well by the software industry.  We are lucking to have at Eclipse a very active M2M Industry Working Group and 2, soon to be 3, Eclipse open source projects (Paho, Koneki).

One goal of the M2M Industry Working Group is to educate the industry and the Eclipse community on what is M2M and how the Eclipse projects will help developers build amazing M2M applications.  Therefore, I am happy to announce a series of four webinars that will 1) introduce people to M2M, 2) explore the architecture of an M2M application, 3) introduce MQTT, a message protocol ideally suited for M2M and 4) demostrate how Lua is great for building M2M applications.

The webinars will happen in September and October.  They are free to attend but you need to pre-register.