Eclipse Finance Day in Zurich: Coming Soon

We are planning to hold an Eclipse Finance Day in Zurich Switzerland on October 16, 2012. The Finance industry is a huge user and adopter of Eclipse, so hosting an Eclipse Day is a great opportunity to learn from your industry peers and discover what else is possible with Eclipse. We are also very lucky to have UBS host the event at their offices in Zurich.

In the past there has been a number of very successful Eclipse Banking Days. A key to their success has been the great speakers we had from the banking and finance industry. Therefore, we would like to invite people working in the finance industry to submit a speaking proposal to present at the Eclipse Finance Day. If you are working in the finance industry and are doing some interesting development with Eclipse, please send us your ideas. More details are available in the call for papers. The deadline to submit ideas is August 15.

Registration for the Eclipse Finance Day will start in early September.