The Eclipse IoT community has grown considerably over the last 12 months. More importantly we have expanded the breadth of technology to include software that runs on devices, at the edge and the cloud. We have also learnt a lot about the software functionality required to build an IoT solution.

It has always been clear that for IoT to be successful it needs to be based on open source and open standards. It is also becoming clear that there are a set of core features required to implement any scalable IoT solution. Similar to the LAMP stack for web applications, we believe there are 3 different software stacks required for IoT solutions, targeting 1) constrained devices, like MCUs, 2) IoT Gateways and Smart Devices, and 3) IoT Cloud Platforms. Each of these stacks require key services to enable the IoT applications running on their platform.

schema-archi (1).png

We have also published a white paper to describe each of these stacks. The white paper also shows how each Eclipse IoT project fits within each of the 3 IoT stacks. Overtime, I think expect the Eclipse IoT community will grow to provide more integrated version of these stacks. My goal is this community becomes the provider of the LAMP Stacks for IoT.


IoT White Paper