September Donation Campaign: Target 3000

Donations are an important way for our Eclipse users to give back, and to support our open source community. Last September, we announced that all donations to the Friends of Eclipse program would be invested in the Eclipse platform development. In a  short period of time we have accomplished a lot with these donations, helping fund some major platform improvements.

We would like to encourage even more Eclipse end users to help support the community. In 2015, 6300 individuals donated to Friend of Eclipse, but this represents a small portion of our community. It is been nearly 15 years since Eclipse was made freely available and over these years millions of developers have benefited. We would like encourage more of these developers to help support the ongoing development of the Eclipse platform.

To help boost our donations, we are launching a new September Donation Campaign. The campaign is inspired by the famous Wikipedia fundraising drives. During the month of September, visitors will see a banner at the top of the website asking them to give back, and to support the Eclipse community. We will also be promoting the campaign on social media.

Our goal for September is to have 3000 individuals donate back to the Eclipse community. I hope you will help us in achieving this goal; donate today.

Friends of Eclipse

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