EclipseCon Wrap-up: Eclipse Che, Microsoft, and much more

EclipseCon 2016 was an exciting week of great technical sessions, announcements and lots of hall-way conversations.

Here is a summary of the highlights:

Announcing Eclipse Che

We did a major announcement of Eclipse Che project. Tyler Jewel, Eclipse Che project leader and CEO of Codenvy, did a great job as the opening keynote for EclipseCon and presenting his vision of the future of IDEs.  The key concept about Che is the universal workspace.

Thanks to InfoQ for recording Tyler’s keynote.

An important part of the Che announcement was the support from some significant vendors, including:


Microsoft Joins the Eclipse Foundation

The other big announcement was Microsoft joining the Eclipse Foundation as a Solution member. This is big news for the Eclipse community and demonstrates how Microsoft is really changing their attitudes toward open source and Eclipse.

The loud round of applause from the EclipseCon attendees shows that the Eclipse community really welcomes MS participation. It also turned out to be hugely popular on twitter. The above tweet was re-tweeted over 180 times.

IoT Announcements

I really enjoyed the IoT Summit. It was a nice mix of Eclipse IoT project and other IoT topics, like the ThingsNetwork, Apache Spark, etc.

Some of the IoT related announcements include:


Overall, an exciting but exhausting week. It will be nice to enjoy my vacation next week. 🙂