EclipseCon Early Bird Session Selection

We are all driven by deadlines.  Each year the large majority of the EclipseCon session proposals are submitted the last two days before the deadline.   However, having session proposals come in earlier give the program committee and the entire community more time to review and comment on the proposals.

To encourage earlier submissions, we have created a new deadline, called the early bird deadline, to encourage people to submit proposals by December 10.  The incentive is that the program committee will select 5 talks from the proposals submitted by December 10th.    So instead of being 1 proposal out of 300-400 (usually the number we get ech year) , you will be 1 out of 56  (# at time of writing this blog).   To sweeten the deal, we will make sure the 5 speakers are properly dressed at EclipseCon in Eclipse shirts.   No time like now (or this weekend) to actually get that session proposal written.

btw, there is another deadline looming; December 31 is the deadline for early registration.  Save the $300, save youself the grief of registering on New Years Eve, just take the 5 minutes and register now.  🙂