Eclipse Community Awards 2010 Edition

Nominations are now open for the Eclipse Community Awards.  Each year at EclipseCon we put the spotlight on a select group of individuals, products and projects that represent the best of the Eclipse community.   Each year, we have some great and well deserving winners.

This year we are making a few changes to the award categories, introducing some new ones, retiring and combining some of the existing ones.  The new categories are for projects.  In the past we did not recognize specific Eclipse projects but now we are.  We now have two Eclipse project awards:

  1. Most Open Project recognizing the project that best represent the spirit of an open, transparent and diverse project community.    We all want eclipse projects to be open, transparent and diverse but which ones are doing a great job?
  2. Most Innovative New Feature/Project recognizing a feature or proejct that has been released in the last 12 months.  I like to call this the ‘Shiney New Toy Award’.  Eclipse has lots of great new stuff but what has caught the attention of the community?

Both awards will be selected by a vote in the community.  Nominations will be open until January 29 and voting will start February 1.

The Individual Awards are:  Top Contributor, Top Committer and Top Newcomer Evangelist.  We have decided to drop the Top Ambassador since it often created confusion with the Top Contributor awards.  The Top Contributor award  is for individuals that are contributor to Eclipse as a volunteer, ie not being paid to do the work.  The first two awards are selected by a vote in the community.  Nominations are now open.

In the Technology Category, we have 4 awards: Best Open Source Developer Tool, Best Commercial Developer Tool, Best EclipseRT Application,  Best RCP Application.   All of these awards will be selected by a panel of judges.  Organizations are encouraged to nominate their application before January 29.

One aspect I enjoy about these awards is learning about new products, projects and applications in the Eclipse community.  I trust this year will be no different.  Please remember nominations close January 29 and the winners will be anounced at EclipseCon.  Details about the awards and nomination guidelines are available here.

One thought on “Eclipse Community Awards 2010 Edition

  1. One of the proven ways to keep a stronghold in the community of project developers is by way of acknowledging what they deserve to be credited for. And this idea during EclipseCon to conduct community awards to those select group of individuals, products and projects that represent the best of the Eclipse community is a good way to demonstrate it. Instructions, plus the criteria are clearly set for this award edition. I only wonder now if there had been changes this year as to the contest mechanics…

    Mark from pistolet peinture 

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