Bug Labs Use of Eclipse and OSGi

Bug Labs is a company I have been watching over the last couple of months.  Besides having a great name, they are building a platform for consumer electronics using OSGi for the runtime and Eclipse for the SDK.  They just announced their Eclipse based SDK, Dragonfly is now available.

It is great to see them use OSGi as their component runtime platform and another great example of the power of OSGi.    It looks like they are using the Concierge OSGi  runtime but I wonder how easy it would be to also use Eclipse Equinox?

btw, Ken Gilmer from Bug Labs are also doing a session at the OSGi DevCon, held in conjunction with EclipseCon.   It will be interesting to see what they have to present.

5 thoughts on “Bug Labs Use of Eclipse and OSGi

  1. Dear Ian,

    This is the second time you mentioned “something you had been watching”.

    Can we have an list of companies you are watching now (updated regularly) to confirm your statements?

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