Boeing’s code contribution to OSEE

The Eclipse Open System Engineering Environment (OSEE) project is one I have been interested in watching. Of particular interest is the fact it is being led by a group of engineers inside Boeing. In my opinion, I think the next wave of open source projects will involve non-traditional ISV’s, companies like Boeing, building industry specific frameworks. Who better to led a system engineering framework project than a group that designs software for aircraft manufacturing?

Therefore, it is great to see that OSEE now has code available in the repository. Also, check out the extensive set of screencasts to help people learn about OSEE. Seems like they are off to a great start.

4 Responses to Boeing’s code contribution to OSEE

  1. Alex Blewitt says:

    The link to OSEE is one character off – your E is before the a, not after it.

  2. beredt says:

    I think this is similar to the TOPCASED project, which is being supported by Airbus, isn’t it?

  3. ianskerrett says:


    I am not an expert on either TOPCASED or OSEE but my understanding is that they are complementary in many areas.

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