Fedora 8 Developer Spin Now Available

Fedora 8 was launched earlier this week. The released introduced the concept of spins, which is a customize image of Fedora for a specific user profile. One of the spins is a developer spin, that includes among other things, a pretty complete stack of Eclipse Europa tools, including CDT, JDT, Mylyn, PHPEclipse, etc. Fedora 8 is also shipping IcedTea so all of these Eclipse projects are running on IcedTea. Pretty Cool.

I think this is great news. I hope this makes it easier for more Eclipse users to adopt Fedora as their development platform. Right now about 20% of our users seem to be using a Linux distro as their development platform and 75% plus on Windows. It would be nice to see the Linux numbers increase.

You can download the Fedora developer spin now for the Fedora site.

btw, the Fedora 8 announcement letter is great. Nick I think you would appreciate it.

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