New products at EclipseCon

I spent sometime in the exhibit hall talking to vendors and seeing a number of companies showing off brand new Eclipse based products.

First stop was at the AMD booth to see their CodeSleuth product, a Java profiling tool that they have open source.

RIM has also announced their new Eclipse based Java Development Environment. RIM has an existing Java IDE, so this will compliment their tools solutions.

Skyway Software is introducing an interesting new RIA development tool that takes an MDA style approach. Looks like it make heavy use of EMF, GEF, etc.

Replay Solutions were demoing their new playback tool that was originally developed as a testing tool for the gaming industry.

Embarcadaro launched their new SQL IDE called PowerSQL.

and Protecode were showing off their new automated records management tools for logging IP.

Nice to see lots of innovation continues to happen in the Eclipse ecosystem.