IDE Usage Study

Jeffrey Hammond from Forrester Research has just released a new report on IDE Usage. For those people that are Forrester clients, it is an interesting read. You can also purchase the report but it is $995.

Eclipse continues to be one of the primary IDEs and is dominate with Java developers. Forrester reports ‘70% of Java developers use either Eclipse or an Eclipse-based IDE.

Nice to see.

3 Responses to IDE Usage Study

  1. maarten says:


    … while .NET developers are more interested in a vibrant online developer community.

    I wonder: Why do they value the “vibrant online community” so much? To get help maybe?

  2. very cool to see this number “70%”. I hope we can get the report for free 😦
    Would be great to show it to the management who is skeptical about the Eclipse IDE adoption.

  3. Ian Skerrett says:


    Lots more market research data to show robust Eclipse adoption is located on the Eclipse wiki.

    Not sure how anyone could be skeptical of Eclipse adoption. 🙂

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