Eclipse Marketplace: Neon and 20 Million

The Eclipse Neon release is now out. I also noticed Eclipse Marketplace just passed the 20 million successful install milestone. Wow, that is a lot of developers using Eclipse Marketplace.

Eclipse Marketplace - 20 million

For the Neon release, there are two key features that I think will accelerate the use of Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC).

  1. Eclipse MPC now allows you to store your Favorite with your Eclipse account. The other very cool feature is you can import someone else favorite list. Here is my favorite list if you are to give it a try.

mpc favorites

2. In Eclipse Neon, selecting the text editor for associated file types now allows a user to search Eclipse Marketplace Client for plug-ins that support that file type. This should make it a lot easier for developers to find the appropriate plug-in from Eclipse Marketplace.

Congratulations to everyone that made the Eclipse Neon release possible. Another great community collaboration.