The buzz around Eclipse Che

Just over two weeks ago the Eclipse Che project released a beta version of their Che 4.0 release. We published an article introducing Eclipse Che in our Eclipse Newsletter so readers can learn more about the highlights of Che.

The feedback in the community has been pretty exciting to watch. On twitter, people are certainly creating a buzz about the future of the IDE.


InfoWorld is calling Eclipse Che the launch of the cloud ide revolution.

The Eclipse Che GitHub repo has 1500 stars and 200 forks.

There have been over 100,000 downloads of the Che beta so people are trying it out.

The buzz is certainly growing around Eclipse Che. At EclipseCon in March you will be able to experience Eclipse Che first hand, including Tyler Jewell’s keynote address on the Evolution and Future of the IDE. If you are interested in the future of cloud IDEs then plan to attend EclipseCon