IoT is Everywhere at EclipseCon Europe

The best thing about the Eclipse IoT community is that that participants real IoT practitioners and IoT experts. Our face-2-face meetings bring together senior technical leaders that are working on the core technology that is powering the IoT solutions of the present and future. This is why I am looking forward to the upcoming Eclipse IoT meetings at  EclipseCon Europe on Nov. 2-5. It is going to be 3 days of IoT learning and discovery for anyone interested in building IoT solutions.

Day 1 – IoT Unconference

Monday, November 2 we will have the IoT Unconference. The unconference is split into two parts 1) update from each of the IoT projects and learning about potential areas of collaboration, 2) open discussions and guest speakers. We encourage presentations and topic from outside the Eclipse IoT community and topics relevant to the existing community. For instance, I am sure there will be lots of discussion about an IoT Server Platform. This is a great opportunity for exploration and discussion on key IoT technical issues.

Day 2 – IoT Day

Tuesday, November 3 we will be hosting the IoT Day. This is a 1-day event for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in understanding how to build IoT solutions. There will be sessions on IoT security, IoT data processing and analytics, open approaches to smart home, IoT hardware, and others. There will be speakers from Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, Eurotech, Relayr, Red Hat and others. The nice thing about the IoT Day is that you can register just for 1 day so you don’t need to dedicate an entire week. Of course, EclipseCon Europe attendees can attend any of the IoT Day sessions as well.

Day 3 – IoT Playground

Wednesday, November 4 will be the IoT Playground. This is where you can see real IoT practitioners show off their work.

More IoT at ECE

IoT will be throughout the entire EclipseCon Europe schedule. Two of the keynotes, from BOSCH and BMW, executives will spotlight these companies strategies for IoT. In addition to the IoT Day, there will be sessions on the oneM2M standard from Orange, Buidling Smart Grids with Eclipse IoT, session on Eclipse Concierge, a super small OSGi runtime for IoT, software update for IoT, embedded Java for IoT and what seems to be a great talk Demystifing the Smartness


If you are interested in learning about IoT and getting in-depth with the Eclipse IoT experts, then EclipseCon Europe is the place for you. Register today.