IoT Security: An open source and open standard approach

High on any list of IoT concerns is the security for an IoT solution. How do you make sure devices only talk to the correct servers and only the ‘correct’ devices talk to your servers? Lots of people point out IoT security is an important issue but very few are actually creating technology to make IoT solutions secure.

For this reason, I am thrilled we have a new Eclipse project proposal, called Kiaora, that takes on the challenge of IoT security at IoT scale. I am even more thrilled to have Verisign, the company that hosts the .com domain register, proposing and leading the project. Verisign definitely understands that any IoT security solution needs to be based on open standards and open source. Kiaora will be based on IETF DNS-SD and IEFT DNS-SEC standard.

The proposal was posted last week so it will be a couple of weeks before the project is officially created. Verisign has made the code available on their github repos.

Kiaora is going to be a great addition to the Eclipse IoT open source community. Developers will now have a critical component for building security into their IoT solutions.