Case Study MQTT: Why Open Source and Open Standards Drives Adoption

For the last 3 years, we have been talking about why IoT needs open source and open standards to be successful. We are now seeing great examples of why this is so true and why open communities will lead IoT adoption.

MQTT is a perfect case study. This past month Eclipse Paho and Eclipse Mosquitto released new versions of their MQTT clients (Paho) and  MQTT broker (Mosquitto). I believe this is an important milestone for these projects and the adoption of MQTT by IoT solution providers. It seems to me that MQTT has now become a defacto `must be supported standard`for any serious IoT solution provider. And any smart IoT solution provider is using Paho and/or Mosquitto to implement MQTT.

Google Trends   Web Search interest  mqtt   Worldwide  2004   present
MQTT Google Trend

A quick look at the Google Trends report for MQTT makes it pretty clear interest in MQTT has taken off since Eclipse Paho was created and MQTT was submitted to OASIS for standardization. Now, if you follow the Paho and Mosquitto mailing lists you can see the community is fully engaged and developers are creating real solutions with Paho and Mosquitto.

A perfect example of why open source and open standards drive adoption. We are also seeing this with other standards like Lightweight M2M and CoAP.  Open is definitely winning in IoT