IoT Day 2015 – IoT Security, Device Management and IoT APIs

This year at EclipseCon we are hosting an IoT Day on March 11 at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. IoT Day is meant for people who might not want to spend an entire week learning about all things Eclipse but are definitely interested in IoT. We did this event last year and it was a great success so we are doing it again!

This year the themes for IoT Day are Security, Device Management and IoT APIs. These are incredibly important topics for the IoT industry so I am thrilled to have talks about them during IoT Day.  Here is a brief synposis of what the day will look like:

– The day starts with Benjamin Cabe providing an overview of the Eclipse Open IoT Stack.   The Eclipse IoT community is making great progress of providing the open building blocks any software developer needs to build an IoT solution.  This will be a good introduction.

– IoT device management is one of the key trends in the IoT industry for 2015. Therefore, we are lucky to have Marco Carrer and Julien Vermillard discuss the solutions for device management from Eclipse IoT.

– Lot of people are in the process of building IoT soutions, One aspect is designing an API for your solution. Two speakers from Zebra Technologies will share their experience of designing an IoT API.

– Security is always one of the key concerns for deploying IoT solutions. Open source and Eclipse IoT have a lot to offer developers looking to secure their IoT solution. Julien Vermillard will show how Eclipse IoT, lightweight M2M and DTLS can be used to secure your IoT solution.

– One of the innovative new projects at Eclipse IoT is called Vorto. The Vorto project leaders from Bosch will talk about their vision of IoT device integration with Vorto. 

– MQTT has become an important and widely adopted IoT standard. MQTT-SN is a version of MQTT for sensor networks. Ian Craggs, the Eclipse Paho project leader, will show how MQTT-SN can make MQTT possible over UDP, Zygbee and other transports.

– The day will close with a number of lightning talks from speakers in our community.

It is a great agenda and a great way to learn about some key topics for IoT. The cost to register for the IoT Day is just $200. Find out more and register today.

Special thank you to 2lemetry for being a sponsor of IoT Day.

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