Welcome to the New www.eclipse.org

We have launched the new www.eclipse.org web site.  The goal is to have a more modern looking and simplified experience for individuals coming to eclipse.org. The feedback we received on the beta was very positive, so I think we have achieved the goal. I personally think the new site looks awesome!

This has been a work in progress by many people over the last several months. I first want to thank Chris Aniszczyk, Sven Efftinge, Nitin Dahyabhai and Russ Bateman, our team of community advisers that helped guide us through the initial design stages. The heavy lifting and most of the work was done by Christopher Guindon and Edouard Poitras, web developers extraordinaire at the Eclipse Foundation.  The amazing new design was created by Matt Joanisse. Denis Roy and myself helped provide input and support when required.  Overall, we hope you enjoy the results.

This is phase one, so there is still lots of work to be done. Over the next months we will be helping projects to update their sites to the new theme. We will also be updated some of the other Eclipse Foundation sites, ex. bugzilla, Marketplace, Forums, etc. to the new logo and theme.

If you do have any feedback or find a problem, please let us know via bugzilla.

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