New Eclipse Website – Going live June 11

As I mentioned before, we are in the process of re-doing the website. Thank you to everyone that has already provided feedback.

Overall, the feedback has been very positive. It would seem the community is ready for the change. Our plan moving forward is to switch over to the new look and feel on June 11. This will give us plenty of time to fix any significant bugs.

A staging server is available for anyone that wants to see the new site. Please take a look and provide your feedback.  There are still some areas that need work, including 1) the sign-in pages, 2) ide page and others. However if you see a problem, please open a bug or leave a comment on the feedback survey.

We also want to encourage the Eclipse projects to covert their project pages over to the new theme, called Solstice. Directions on migrating were sent out last week. For most projects this should not be a large task.

I am really looking forward to rolling out the new site. It looks great!







2 thoughts on “New Eclipse Website – Going live June 11

  1. The new site gives a great first impression for new users. I can see this being a huge boon for helping to spread eclipse.

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