IoT Links (Interesting Companies) for 05-09-2014

This week I was in California for the IoT DevCon. I had the opportunity to speak about Eclipse IoT and also meet a lot of interesting companies. Therefore, for my weekly IoT links instead of linking to articles on the Internet I thought I’d share with you 3 companies I see doing interesting things for IoT.

1. TempoDB – Andrew Conk, the CEO of TempoDB, is one of the smartest guys I’ve met in the IoT space. TempoDB has a time series database that is well suited for collecting and managing the streams of sensors create in IoT solutions. His vision for sensor analytics is exactly the type of innovation and thinking we need for IoT. TempoDB includes Ninja Blocks as one of their customers but it is some of their industrial customers that I find interesting.

2. Aeris Communications – I had the opportunity to attend a Connected Car presentation from Aeris Communications at the Silicon Valley IoT Meetup. Aeris is networking company that appears to be focused on a lot of the reliability issues of keeping a car connected to the network. Connected Car is definitely going to be a hot solution over the next number of years so it was interesting to learn about Aeris’s approach. They didn’t provide a lot of details about their software stack but it does appear they are using MQTT for their messaging.

3. Cisco – The Eclipse Krikkit project is part of the Eclipse IoT community. It is also being lead by some very smart people within Cisco. Cisco’s vision for IoT is called ‘Data In Motion’. They want to push the processing of data out to the edges of the network so IoT solutions can be smarter and more responsive. A key component is defining rules for the data. Krikkit will be the api for defining and processing the rules. Next Wednesday, we will be doing an IoT Hangout to talk about Data in Motion and Krikkit with the guys from Cisco. Cisco is also hosting a hackathon on May 20 in San Francisco that includes hacking on Krikkit and Data in Motion.