IoT Links: 05-02-2014

It has been a while since I’ve posted a summary of links to interesting news in the IoT industry. A lot of interesting stuff is happening, so it is now time to get back into the habit.

1. Micorsoft and IoT

Microsoft has made some very interesting announcements about their IoT strategy, in particular with Azure.

– Blog post from the new MS CEO: A data culture for everyone announcing Azure Intelligent Systems Services

London Tube IoT using Azure IIS 

– GnatMQ: MQTT broker for Azure  Not official MS product but movement towards MQTT in the MS community


2. Data for IoT

I believe a lot more discussion is required on how the data created by IoT solutions will be managed. We need better databases, middleware and discussion around common data formats.  Some of the discussion is starting:

Data engineering is the bottleneck for IoT

The impact of IoE on NoSQL

– Discussion on MQTT topic standardization 


3. Other Stuff

– Benjamin Cabe published a new tutorial and demo using the Rapiro robot

– New Eclipse project proposal for Moquette, a Java based MQTT broker

IoT Hangout #5 featuring Genuitec and PiPlug, think Eclipse RCP for the Raspberry Pi