Introducing the updated Eclipse logo

Last fall we started a process to update the Eclipse logo. The existing logo had not been change since Eclipse was launched and it was showing its age. I am happy to announce we have finished the process and am pleased to introduce the updated Eclipse logo.





In December we started to test two of the final concepts. One concept was closer to the existing logo and the other a more significant change.  The feedback we heard from a lot of committers and the architecture council was that they preferred the concept closer to the existing logo. Another point of consistent feedback was to bring back the purple colour. Once we tested the logo with the purple colour the positive perception of the logo increased significantly.  The final result looks great and will serve the community well for the next number of years.

You can download the new logo and related Built On Eclispe, Eclipse Ready and Eclipse Foundation Members logos from our new artwork page.  We have also updated our trademark and logo guidelines to restrict the usage of the new logo to the Eclipse Foundation and our projects. This means the new logo can only be used to identify Eclipse and the Eclipse Foundation. Feel free to use it to link back to Eclipse but please don’t use it to create a derivative work for a new project or product.

The next steps will be to 1) include the new logo in the Luna release, 2) begin introducing it on our web site and 3) help projects update their own logos that might have used the old logo.

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback. It really helped get us to a great new logo.

11 thoughts on “Introducing the updated Eclipse logo

  1. Hi Ian,

    Nice ! 🙂 I love it 🙂

    Is there a version with ‘Eclipse Solution Member’ like on the members page. I would like to put it on my web site.


  2. I like the reduction of complexity… makes it much easier to recognice Eclipse between several other icons

  3. It’s horrible. Looks like it’s older than the current one. Are we back in the 80’s? That’s really bad and you should feel bad.

    1. John, thanks for the feedback. Sorry you don’t like the new logo. In my experience, changing a logo can create a lot of different opinions. I didn’t expect everyone to like it. However, I don’t take the feedback personally so I don’t really feel bad.

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