Current Status of Eclipse IoT Projects

This past Tuesday we hosted a conference call for all of the Eclipse IoT project leaders. We have many industry experts working on open source projects at Eclipse so there is an amazing opportunity to learn from each other. We also want to create an environment to these experts can collaborate, innovate and build a truly open Internet of Things.

One aspect of the call was for each project leader to provide a quick update on their current project. There has been so many new projects coming to Eclipse that even I can’t keep up on their status, so I found this incredibly useful. I also thought it might be useful for others, so here is a quick summary.

Implementation of Standards


– Java implementation of CoAP. Also includes a DLTS implementation.

Project proposed in late December. Next step will be to go through creation review.


– Implementation of the OMA LightWeight M2M standard

Project proposed in late 2013 and getting ready to do the creation review.


– Client implementation of MQTT standard. Langauge implementations include Java, JS, C, C++, Lua, Objective C

Paho intends to join the Luna release train with the C and Java clients.


– Java implementation of the ETSi M2M standard

Creation review has been scheduled.

IoT Services and Frameworks

Eclipse SCADA

– Java and OSGi set of services for building Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Source code is now in Eclipse repo and first milestone release is available.  Still need to create a project web site.


– Really small OSGi runtime. Current size is 314kb.

Project created and almost ready to do the initial contribution.

Eclipse SmartHome

– Java and OSGi set of services for home automation integration.

– Parallel IP was granted, so code is available in repo. First binary should be available in Q1.

– They also have a very nice web site.


– Java and OSGi set of services for IoT/M2M gateways

– Code contributed and proceeding through the Eclipse IP process, expected to be finished in next couple of weeks on their github repo.

Unfortunately, the project leaders for Ponte, Mosquitto, Krikkit, Mihini and Koneki could not attend so I didn’t include their update.

Overall, 2014 is going to be an amazing year for open source IoT at Eclipse. It is going to be fun watching an industry defined by proprietary and closed solutions being disrupted by open standards and open source.

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