IoT Links #12

Time to get back to publishing some IoT links that I discovered during my weekly research.

1. 2014 Analyst Predictions for IoT/M2M


Machina Research

2. Lots of MQTT News

OASIS announce a 30 day public review of the MQTT spec meaning MQTT is getting close to being an official open standard.

OpenPicus announced MQTT support. There is a growing list of hardware supporting MQTT including Wunderbar and Pinnocio.

Elecsys announce support for MQTT

– lots of products have signed up for the MQTT Interop Test Day

3. IoT Events

I am on the hunt for interesting IoT events in 2014.  Two new ones I found this week:

Structure Connect put on by Gigaom

IoT World in June but it looks pretty expensive

We are also organizing two IoT events:

– an Eclipse IoT Day in Grenoble

– the Eclipse IoT/M2M Day at EclipseCon on March 19 a great opportunity to learn about IoT.