Learning about IoT and M2M

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-2-Machine (M2M) are important trends in the software and technology industry. As many know, Eclipse is building a great open source IoT community. One thing important for any new community is education. This is why I am very excited that we offering an opportunity for everyone to learn about IoT and M2M at EclipseCon 2014.

We are hosting an IoT/M2M Day on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, in conjunction with EclipseCon 2014. The day will kick-off with the keynotes presentation by Catarina Mota from the Open Materials talking about the open hardware movement and how driving change in the IoT industry. Following the keynote presentation we will have a day long of technical talks, including:

1. A Guided Tour of Eclipse M2M  will provide a nice introduction overview of the Eclipse M2M and IoT community.

2. From Rats to Cows and Hearts to Homes, M2M Stories and architecture patterns presents some real world IoT applications and the architectures required to implement them.

3. M2M, IoT, device management: one protocol to rule them all? will unravel the different options developers have for using IoT standards and protocols.

4. Securing IoT Applications explores the subject of security and privacy for IoT applications.

5. Creating an Intranet of Things with SmartHome introduces the very cool Eclipse SmartHome project. Kai Kreuzer does a great job of presenting the project and brings lots of cool gadgets.

6. Eclipse M2M Technologies in Action – IoT Systems for People Counting will demonstrate how the real-life people counter application was built using Eclipse Kura and Eclipse BIRT. EclipseCon will be using the People Counter application so you can also see it live in action.

7. We will finish the day with a series of lightening talks about different M2M and IoT topics.

If you are just interested in learning about IoT and M2M we are offering a special day pass for $200 that gives you access to just the M2M Day, keynotes and the social events for Wednesday.

In addition to the M2M Day, there are other IoT related sessions during EclipseCon:

Finally, we are also hosting the MQTT Interop Test Day at EclipseCon. If you have an MQTT based product, this will be a great opportunity to test it with other MQTT clients and servers.

An amazing line-up of technical content for anyone that wants to learn about IoT and M2M. I hope to see you are EclipseCon 2014.


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