EclipseCon 2014: Diversity and Opportunity for Learning

The EclipseCon 2014 program and schedule was announced earlier this month. Ian Bull, the EclipseCon program committee chair, and the entire PC did a great job reviewing close 300 proposals to select 120 talks and 14 tutorials. The final results is a great program.

It seems to me EclipseCon 2014 is one of the most diverse programs we have had for an EclipseCon conference. There are still lots of great Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, Modeling, Lifecycle tools, Java development talks but there are speakers and topics that you might not expect at an EclipseCon.

This year the PC decided to invite some well-known speakers to present on topics that would be of interest to the Eclipse community but not necessarily about Eclipse. The list of invited speakers include:

– Jonas Boner, from Typesafe and Scala, will be talking about reactive programming. I am pretty sure he will also bring up the Reactive Manifesto.

– Ariya Hidayat, a well respect member of the JavaScript community, will talk about the next generation of JavaScript tooling.

– Alex Buckley, from Oracle and one of the technical leaders for the Java 8 release, will talk about the key feature being added to Java 8: lambdas.

– We will also have Nick Stinemates from docker, a new and growing in popularity container technology.

In addition to the invited speakers we have new topics that you don’t normally see at EclipseCon.

– There will be a complete day long track dedicated to Vert.x. Vert.x is a new Eclipse project but it also has a large existing community of users and adopers. Vert.x is new application platform that is critical for the IoT, mobile and web style of application development.

– Eclipse has a rapidly growing community of M2M and IoT projects. We will also have a day track dedicated to M2M so it will be a great way to introduce yourself to the emerging Internet of Things.

– Finally, we have a complete track dedicated to JavaScript development. A great opportunity to learn node.js, Orion, web application workflow, JavaScript typing and much more.

There is a lot of opportunity to learn new things. I think this tweet from Lars Vogela really reflect the opportunity for EclipseCon attendees

Looking forward to having everyone learn new things at EclipseCon 2014. Remember if you register before December 31, it will cost only $800 for the 4-day conference.