Testing New Logo Designs

As I mentioned last month we are going through a process of creating designs for an update Eclipse logo. We had some great ideas submitted through our crowd source project and now it is time to test out some of the better ones. Starting today we are going to display some of the new designs on eclipse.org. Visitors to the web site will have an opportunity to +1, 0, or -1 on the design and provide comments. We are going to rotate through each design for 1-2 weeks to collect feedback from the community. I hope you enjoy the new designs.

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback we are now testing 2 concepts. 

13 thoughts on “Testing New Logo Designs

    1. I want to get the communities reaction to each individual logo. I am okay if people don’t vote on all the logos. I am more interested in the overall reaction to each logo.

  1. Voting is always based on comparison. How can we crown Miss Universe unless we see all the contestants on stage? The *community* has to see all the logos at once. We do not have to pick one among them and but can arrange in the priority we prefer.

      1. Still, when you are A-B testing designs it is best to allow access to multiple designs so that graphics can be compared. I think what Velganesh meant is that the design could be great compared to an old logo, while being able to compare candidates gives much more sensitive feedback, because there is context. Since I can’t see any alternatives I don’t know if I like the current one compared to another.

  2. I don’t want people to compare. I want people to decide if they like a particular concept. If anything the comparison would be with the existing logo.

    I think we will have to disagree on how we are doing the testing.

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