IoT / M2M Links #10

Interesting links for the IoT and M2M Industry.

1. Axeda support for new SalesForce1 platform

– SalesForce had their huge Dreamforce conference last week and a major theme was IoT. Axeda, a partner in Eclipse M2M, nailed it on the importance of machine data.

2. Amazon announced Kinesis service

– It looks like Amazon is getting into the IoT industry with its recently announce Kinesis service that will support for the real-time processing of data streams. I wonder if it has MQTT support?

3. Makers and developers are important for IoT

– Nice to see other articles about the importance of makers and developers for the IoT / M2M industry, picking up on my previous rant about telcos missing out on developers.

4. Thingmonk

– If you are in London or can easily get to London for Dec. 2-3 I would suggest attending the Thingmonk event. It has a great line-up of speakers from the IoT industry and there is a ton of IoT innovation happening in London. I will be there.