Testing the Interoperability Promise of MQTT

IoT and M2M industry desperately needs to have open protocols that promote interoperability between different solutions and applications. The current state of the industry is a set of proprietary or best vertical oriented protocols that lead to silos of technology, not a network.

MQTT is gaining a lot of interest as a messaging protocol to fit this need. It is being standardized at Oasis. We have great open source implementations available at Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Mosquito and other places. There are many vendors providing MQTT support. However, like any good standard, testing is how you prove that it actually works.

The time has come to test the promise of MQTT interoperability. To do so, we are organizing the first MQTT Interoperability Testing Day on March 17 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport (This is the location for the EclipseCon conference). We would like to invite the many different MQTT based products, open source projects and solutions to participate. You do not have to be using Paho or Mosquito. The goal is to test as many different clients and servers to prove MQTT interoperability.

More details are available, including sign-up information. It is going to be a great event and a great opportunity to meet people who are working on MQTT implementations. I hope to see you there.