IoT / M2M Links #9

Some interesting links from the IoT and M2M industry.

1. Adding OAuth to MQTT

A  couple of blog post from people thinking of adding OAuth to MQTT. Identity and authentication are issues that really have not been suitable addressed in IoT. It is great to see people talking about it. Next we need an open source identity framework for IoT at Eclispe.

OAuth binding for MQTT from Paul Madsen

Using OAuth 2.0 with MQTT from Paul Fremantle

2. M2M Platforms

-Bosch has written article to define what an M2M/ IoT platform should feature

M2Mi is a new M2M platform vendor that I have not come across before. They look interesting…

3.  OASIS MQTT Draft 15

The OASIS MQTT TC has published their draft 15 spec.

4. Bonus Link – My rant about Telco missing out on developers.