IoT / M2M Links #7

Some IoT / M2M links from last week.


1. New Eclipse Project Proposal: Krikkit.

Project proposal from Cisco about making edge devices smarter about IoT data.

2. New SmartHome Consortium including ABB, Bosch, Cisco and LG

These companies should really look at Eclipse SmartHome. It would appear to help solve a lot of the goals they mention in their press release.

3. Blackberry integration with MQTT

Looks like Blackberry is integrating with MQTT.

4. M2M Goodness at EclipseCon Europe

Last week there were a  number of M2M presentations at EclipseCon Europe. Alex Blewitt blogged about some of the highlights on InfoQ.

OpenHAB coming to Eclipse as Eclipse SmartHome

State of M2M projects at Eclipse

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