M2M @ EclipseCon Europe

EclipseCon Europe starts is less than 2 weeks! As I am spending a lot my time on M2M and IoT I am really looking forward to the great line-up of M2M sessions. If you are interested in Eclipse M2M then it is definitely worth your time to attend.

Bringing M2M to the web with Paho: Connecting Java Devices and online dashboards with MQTT

Java on embedded and mobile devices

Simplifying Complex Embedded Development Processes with mbeddr?

Concierge – Bringing OSGi (back) to Embedded Devices

Eclipse Smart Home

Eclipse M2M on wheels

A guided tour of Eclipse M2M

Eclipse SCADA – An introduction

M2M for Java Developers: MQTT with Eclipse Paho

Flying sharks and m2m


We will also be having an M2M Working Group meeting on Monday afternoon so there is lots of opportunity to learn about Eclipse M2M at EclipseCon Europe. I hope to see you there.


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