M2M / IoT Links #5

Interesting links from the M2M and IoT world.

IoT meets the Cloud – OpenIoT

OpenIoT is a EU funded project to research IoT and the cloud. Not really sure what to make of it but something to watch.


Comparing Protocols

Another article comparing IoT protocols. Unfortunately it is missing CoAP, Lightweight M2M and I am sure others.


Open vs Proprietary Announcements

There is a lot of proprietary/closed minded thinking in the M2M / IoT industry.  For example, Wind River (Intel) and Fujitsui both announcement M2M / IoT gateway products this past week:

1.  Wind River (Intel) : support for MQTT, etc  

2. Fujitsu: ‘proprietary communications technology’, ‘patent pending’

Intel/Wind River definitely gets open is critical. Fujitsu not so much. They at least need a better PR agency.


MQTT for Vehicle Tracking

Greenwich is a Java and MQTT device targeted for vehicle tracking