M2M / IoT Links #4

Interesting links from the M2M and IoT industry.

1. Introducing Intel Galileo – Intel for Arduino

Not terribly surprising to see Intel getting closer to the open hardware community. Open hardware is driving a lot in M2M and IoT

2. Top 10 Challenges of IoT

Stefan Ferber from Bosch Innovations has a great blog post about the challenges for the IoT community. I think he pretty well nails it.

3. MQTT vs CoAP

A good and balanced comparison of MQTT and CoAP protocols. We need more of this type of content and writing.

4. More Eclipse M2M projects

Very happy to see Mosquitto being proposed as an Eclipse projects. It will be great to have an MQTT client AND server project at Eclipse.

5. IoT Conferences

Thingmonk – One of my favourite analysts is James Governor from Redmonk. He is organizing an IoT event on Dec. 3. James does awesome events and you can be sure the content will be great and focused at developers.

FOSDEM IoT Dev Room – Looks like FOSDEM will have an IoT room.  We need more developer oriented events focused on M2M and IoT

6. Big data support for MQTT

Big data is going to be a big thing in M2M. Interesting to see TempDB adding direct support for MQTT. My guess is this starts to become a trend.

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