EclipseCon NA 2014 – Back in California

We are starting to gear up for EclipseCon 2014, so I thought it would be useful to provide an update on what we are planning for the 2014 event.

First, we are going back to California. The last two years we were on the US east coast  but it is time to go back to Silicon Valley. EclipseCon 2014 will be held at the Hyatt Regency at the San Francisco Airport. For returning EclipseCon attendees you might remember this is the same location we held EclipseCon in 2005.

This year we are going to organize 3 special theme days: M2M Day, Polarsys Day and Vert.x Day.  The idea of the theme day is to have a series of sessions in one day focused on a single topic. We are hoping people who  might not want to attend the entire conference but are interested in M2M, System Engineering (Polarsys) or Vert.x will attend for these days. We will be selling Theme Day passes to allow attendees to participate in these focused topics.

To accommodate the Theme Days, we will not be hosting a co-located OSGI DevCon or an ALM Connect. We still expect to have lots of great OSGi sessions and talks on lifecycle tools but they will be more integrated into the overall EclipseCon schedule.

Registration will be open later in October and the pricing will be very similar to last year. We will be keeping the popular Non-corporate price, so people that want to attend but their company is not paying will be able to register for $500.

Over the next couple of months we will be sending out more information. Now is the time to get your session ideas in for  consideration by the program committee.  The deadline for submission is November 18 and early bird is November 4. The complete agenda should be selected by early December.

See you in San Francisco, March 17-20, 2014