M2M/IoT Links

I am spending a fair bit of time researching the M2M and IoT industry. There is a lot of really interested stuff being created and being written. I am going to start trying to capture and share some of the more interesting content in what I hope weekly blog posts. We will see how it goes.


  • Node-RED – looks like an interesting visual tool for wiring the Internet. The authors are from the IBM Hursley Labs which is also behind the Eclipse Paho project.
  • Coder for Raspberry Pi – from the Google Creative Lab a simple tool to get people coding on a Raspberry Pi.


  • Arduino Yun – Arduino getting closer to the Raspberry Pi. More open hardware options is a great thing for the M2M industry.



  • Oracle – This slick (mostly marketing) video from Oracle is one of the first marketing pushes I have seen from Oracle. Nice to see them investing in the space.
  • Eurotech – Looks like Eurotech has some great plans for a OSGi/Java demo at JavaOne. Disappointed that I will miss it.


  • Why open source will drive M2M innovation – This week I presented at the M2M Summit in Dusseldorf. The M2M industry is dominated by the telcos that often don’t get open source or developers. I was hoping to open some eyes to different options.