Eclipse User Stories

I love hearing what people are doing with Eclipse.  It really is amazing the great software people have built on top of Eclipse.  This is why at EclipseCon, I love to attend the sessions where users show what they have been doing with Eclipse.  It is a great way to understand what is possible and what are the pitfalls.

This year is no exception and we have a great line-up of Eclipse user stories:

1. Eclipse RCP on the International Space Station

Over the years, NASA has been doing some cool stuff with Eclipse RCP but I think this is the first time Eclipse is going into space.  NASA presentations always have very cool demos/videos. 🙂

2. Bling: Using Eclipse for game development

Lots of gamers in the Eclipse community will want to check out how l33t labs is using Eclipse 4 to build a game development toolset.

3. Medical Imaging with Eclipse

Cerner is a huge health care company that is using Eclipse and OSGi for doing medical imaging.  It looks like they are doing some impressive UI and server side application delivery.

4. Simulate This!

Oak Ridge National Labs is using Eclipse to build an integrated computational environment that sets up large supercomputer simulations for physics and chemistry experiments.  They are using RCP, RAP, OSGi, Tycho and much more for building the environment.

5. Software Defined Radio

The US Gov’t DoD is creating the Redhawk IDE to support the creation of software defined radio applications.  OK, I admit I have no idea what software defined radio applications do but I do know the people at DoD do some fascinating stuff so I want to know more.

6. Telco Network Planning

NetXForge has been using Eclipse to build a telecommunication planning system for the Dutch mobile phone industry.  They are going to show how the have use EMF, CDO, xText, GEF to make this happen.


An impressive selection of applications people are doing building with Eclipse.  Join us at EclipseCon to learn more and be inspired to use Eclipse for new and innovative applications.