Adopting Eclipse 4

As many know, Eclipse 4 is now the default platform for the Eclipse community.  Many people in the community are now investigating how to migrate to Eclipse 4 and how to take advantage of the new platform capabilities.  A great source of information for people looking to adopt Eclipse 4 will be the wealth of Eclipse 4 sessions at EclipseCon 2013.

1. The Eclipse 4 Tutorials

We have Eclipse 4 experts and experienced tutorial leaders doing two Eclipse 4 tutorials on Monday. In the morning ‘What every Eclipse developer should know about Eclipse 4 (e4)‘ is a beginner tutorial given by Jonas Helming, Eugen Neufel and Kai Toedter.  Monday afternoon will be the  advanced tutorial ‘Advanced Eclipse 4 Application Platform – not for the weak-hearted‘ by Tom Schindl and Sopot Cela.

2. The Technical Sessions

During the week Eclipse 4 committers will be covering a number of topics relevant for anyone looking for adopt Eclipse 4, including:

3. The Case Studies

We also have some case studies from companies that are already building applications built on Eclipse 4:

4. The Networking

A lot of the key Eclipse 4 committers and community members will be at EclipseCon so there will be plenty of opportunity to talk with the experts. I am sure there will be a BOF and lots of discussions in the hotel bar.

If you are looking to adopt Eclipse 4, EclipseCon is going to be a must attend.  I hope to see you in Boston.