Executive Events at EclipseCon

This year we are running two special ‘executive’ events at EclipseCon and ALM Connect: 1) Open Source Executive Summit and 2) ALM Connect Executive Day.  These events are meant to address the business issues and strategies IT executives need to consider when creating a modern software development team.

The Open Source Executive Summit will take place Tuesday, March 26. The theme of this event is using open source to drive open innovation.  Lots of organizations benefit from making extensive use of open source technologies. This event will focus on how organizations can take the next step by becoming active participants in open source communities and develop deeper collaborations with other organizations.  Speakers will includes Jeffery Hammond from Forrester Research, Andrew Aiken from Olliance Group, Karen Copenhaver from Linux Foundation, Mike Milinkovich from Eclipse, case studies from Ericsson and Boeing and two panel sessions.

The ALM Connect Executive Day will take place Wednesday, March 27.  This event is more focused on the tools and process organizations need to implement to respond to the changing software delivery landscape.  The ALM Connect conference goes into a lot of the technical details for the tools and process.  The Executive Day is focused on strategies organizations should be adopting to be successful.  Again, there is a great line-up of speakers including Lee Nackman for HP (for Eclipse history buffs Lee was one of the IBM executives that started Eclipse), Mik Kersten from Tasktop, Israel Gat from IDC, Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum and Jeffrey Hammond from Forrester Research.

Both events will take place at Boston Seaport World Trade Center, the same place as EclipseCon and ALM Connect. There is no cost to attend the events but you do need to request an invitation.  These events are intended for software and IT executives that want to learn more about open source and ALM.   Please note, attendees of these events do not get access to EclipseCon and ALM Connect.  If you want to attend the EclipseCon and ALM Connect you will also need to register and pay to attend.

I do hope people in the Eclipse community will invite the managers and executives within their organizations to attend these events.  We have a great line-up of speakers and the content is definitely relevant for many organizations.  I was going to make the title of this post ‘Bring your manager to EclipseCon’.  I do think it is a good opportunity to educate more people on open source and Eclipse.