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Over the next couple of days, many of you might notice a new donation page when you download Eclipse.  We are starting to roll-out this new page to encourage more of our user community to support the activities of the Eclipse Foundation.  The last couple of years we have had a very successful Friends of Eclipse program that has resulted in over 6000 donations from our community.  Our hope is the new page, shown while people are downloading Eclipse, will significantly increase the number of donations.

For those people that download Eclipse frequently, we will be using cookies so you won’t see the donation page all the time.

Thank You for Downloading Eclipse

8 Responses to New Donation Page

  1. Michael Keppler says:

    I’m not a native English speaker, but to me the “A 35$…” sentence does not even sound like an actual sentence. Can you please simplify that for all of us outside the US, to make it crystal clear? Something like “For 35$ you become a Friend of Eclipse.” (“Friend of Eclipse” being a hyperlink).

  2. J says:

    Your cookies are not working. Plus at the very least there should be a skip button. If I put a $0 in it asks for my paypal account, I don’t think so… Wait until this one hits the fan… Maybe time to switch….?

  3. Ian Skerrett says:

    @J Sorry you are having problems. We will take a look. The download should be starting automatically so the skip button should not be needed. I do agree if you enter $0, you should not be sent to paypa. That is obviously a bug.

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  5. Prosenjit says:

    It is not allowing to download if you do not donate … Does eclipse charge money from now on ??

    • Ian Skerrett says:

      You are able to download without making a donation. We asked for the donation after the download is started. We don’t charge money to use Eclipse.

  6. alfonso says:

    i cannot get out of the donate dialog page !!!!

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