EclipseCon 2013 Keynote Lineup

We have announce our EclipseCon keynote speakers and I think we have a great lineup of speakers from Redmonk, Forrester, Twitter, GitHub, Nashorn and Vert.x.  This year we are going with 2 – 30 minute keynote speakers each morning, so we have double the number of speakers.

On Tuesday, the keynotes will be two of the best industry analysts covering the developer space.

Stephen O’Grady is the Co-Founder of Redmonk, a boutique analyst firm, that specializes in open source and the influence of developers in the software industry.  Stephen’s presentation ‘Developers are the New Kingmakers’ will look at how IT is becoming a developer-driven world.  Stephen has also recently published a book The New Kingmakers which attendees will have an opportunity to pick-up at EclipseCon.

Jeffrey Hammond from Forrester Research, the second keynote speaker is one of the smartest analyst I know in the ALM space. His talk “Moving Toward ALM 3.0′ is a great kick-off for the ALM Connect conference. Jeffrey also has a great vision on how a lot of the new tools and processes are modernizing the way we do application development.

On Wednesday, the two keynotes are from GitHub and Twitter talking about how they build software.  Zach Holman from GitHub did a great set of blog post on How GitHub Works. He is going to expand on these ideas during his talk at EclipseCon. Adam Messinger from Twitter will be talking about how Twitter builds software that scales to the requirements of running an application like Twitter.

Finally on Thursday, the two keynotes will introduce two new, and important, open source projects: Nashorn and Vert.x. Nashorn allows you to run JavaScript on the JVM and is a new Oracle-led project in the OpenJDK community.  Jim Laskey, Nashorn project leader, will introduce Nashorn and how it ties in with Java development.  JavaScript is gaining more and more popularity so having the ability to run JavaScript on the JVM opens a ton of opportunities for Java and JavaScript developers.

Vert.x is a new framework running on the JVM that make easy to write applications requiring large-scale concurrency.  In many ways, it is similar to Node.js in the JavaScript community but running on the JVM and supports many different languages.  As mobile computing and M2M applications become more prevalent technologies like Vert.x will be essential.  Therefore, we are lucky to have Tim Fox, Vert.x project leader, doing a keynote on Vert.x.  As a side note, Tim and the Vert.x community has also recently made the decision to propose Vert.x as an Eclipse project, so this will be a great way to welcome Vert.x to the Eclipse community.

These keynotes will be a great way to kick-off each morning at EclipseCon.  I hope you can join us and take-in the entire conference agenda.